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I’m Amy – also known as Red Dancer. My girlfriend Renee introduced me to balloons (I hear she has a history of introducing friends to inflatables!) and she also recently helped me complete my first beachball video. I love to ride anything inflated, beachballs, pooltoys, balloons. Make sure you check out the 2 girl beachball sex video that Renee and I produced.

Hi, I’m Angel. I’ve been having fun with balloons since the early 90’s. Make sure you visit the video pages to see some of my work. I was recently introduced to beachballs and other inflatables – in fact, I had some serious sex while surrounded by my pooltoys!! I am very open-minded and love to try new things so I hope you’ll consider me for your adventures!

Maria – I’m a sweet young girl – just turned 20! Renee introduced me to balloons one day while I was visiting and I couldn’t stop playing with them! I love bouncing on them and blowing them up – I want to practice more and more and intend to get busy with beachballs too! I’d love to bring some of your inflatable fantasies to life. I have a few balloon videos to share with you called Maria’s Balloon Party and Maria’s Smoking Balloons -I inflate and pop like crazy!

I’m Raven – thanks for checking me out! I love to float naked in the pool and nothing feels better under me than a nice pooltoy of any kind! I’ve been a part of a great beachball video with my many friends and I’m looking forward to experimenting with balloons and more inflatables of any kind!

Hi, I’m Renee. I’ve been enjoying the various aspects of inflatables for many, many years now. It started with balloons and I eventually worked my way into beachball destruction. I love to inflate – I’m famous for my “chipmunk cheeks” when inflating but I also love to sit-pop, bounce and ride. I have a wide variety of videos available – I hope you enjoy them!

I’m Star – I was first introduced to balloons by my girlfriend Tyler. I was visiting one weekend and she brought out these balloons and a balloon pump – we had a lot of fun! I’ve done a bubblegum video with Tyler and hope to do more with balloons and beachballs in the future. I’m not sure what I like the most since I’m an inflatable virgin! Would you like to help me pop my inflatable cherry?

Hi, I’m Tyler. I’ve been playing with various inflatable objects for the past 3-4 years. My friend Renee introduced me to balloons first and it sort of exploded from there! I’ve gotten into bubblegum fun, beachballs and other pooltoys, as well as anything else that inflates or pops! I’m pretty famous for my balloon videos that contain major popping of LARGE quantities of balloons.

Hi, I’m Sharna – I’m a wild thing with a beautiful British accent! I’ve been lucky enough to make one balloon video called Chocolate Balloons- it was my first time with any inflatable! I really enjoyed teasing the balloons with my fingernails and my lit ciggies! I hope you’ll check it out – I know that you’d fall in love with me! I have a good set of lungs and show you with my inflation. Unfortunately I’m not available for custom work – sorry!

Hi I’m Chelsea. I produced my second inflatable video featuring pooltoys recently (had some great sex in it!) – and I filmed a balloon video a few years ago with my girlfriend Renee. I have a very sexy southern accent and I can’t wait for you to see me on video!

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