Welcome to I LOVE INFLATABLES!! Your internet source for high quality inflatable related videos, pictures and custom work. Feel free to browse the links - you'll find great beachball, balloon, bubblegum and other inflatable fantasies brought to life through our free picture sets or the video productions we offer. A little about the various inflatables that we cater to.... We have been producing inflatable videos for over 5 years and have offered them online longer than most internet companies.

BALLOONS - We have a large collection of balloons that all of our girls like to play with from the tiniest round to huge 40+ inch and weather balloons. ALL BALLOONS ARE CREATED EQUAL-which means we love all balloons!! We also have the usual assortment of shaped from donuts, hearts, flowers to rabbit, etc. All of the models love to inflate the balloons - some love to tie off and others blow to pop! Many of the girls prefer to just pop - whether with fingernails, heels, bouncing or sharp objects - some have even been caught stuffing!

POOLTOYZ AND BEACH/POOL RELATED INFLATABLES - We don't limit our love of inflatables to just BALLOONS.....we love POOLTOYZ from vinyl mats to Shamu's, lobsters, seahorses, 6 panel beachballs (all sizes from 6 inchers to 72!!) and anything else we can find! Some love to inflate - some love to bounce - some love to frolic with the pooltoyz - some love to destroy them and some love to make love on them or with them!

BUBBLEGUM - Grape Bubbleyum - Bubblelicious anything that will produce the biggest bubbles! We can blow bubble inside of bubble, have bubble-blowing contests or snap the bubblegum.

OTHER SPECIAL INFLATABLES - We cater to many special interest inflatables - the ones you can't find at all of the other websites! Punchballs, hoppity hops (aka RooBalls), bee-bop bags, punching bags, bubblewrap, plastic bag popping and many more...

VIDEOS: You will learn more about our capabilities by visiting our video store - you'll see the listing of the current videos we offer for sale.

CUSTOM VIDEOS: We offer custom videos! Please write the webmistress with the brief storyline or script that you have - make sure you include the desired length and we will get back with you right away on pricing and availability.

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